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Swancor and Siemens Gamesa announced a strategic collaboration on recyclable blades with intention to utilize Swancor’s revolutionary recyclable thermosetting epoxy resin “EzCiclo”

Swancor and Siemens Gamesa are committed to supplying their customers with environmentally friendly products and recycling solutions to reach the concept of a green circular economy and hit a milestone for ESG actions towards carbon neutrality and new materials innovation.

Swancor has been involved in the research and development of recyclable thermosetting epoxy resin since 2015. The solution is currently undergoing the supplier qualification process with Siemens Gamesa. Through Swancor's new global revolutionary, innovative products with the green circular economy, recyclable thermosetting epoxy resin "EzCiclo" and degradation liquid "CleaVER", are being investigated with the aim of being supplied to Siemens Gamesa. This combination would allow the components of the wind turbine blades to be recovered and recycled after the blades are decommissioned. The recovered materials, resins, and glass fibers can be used in the other applications. The recycling process does not produce waste solvents and waste gas, and has a low-carbon footprint which solves environmental challenges which arise from landfill disposal or incineration. This initiative is aimed at reaching the goal of fully recyclable wind turbine blades.

   "In order to support Siemens Gamesa in implementing localization commitments, Swancor and Siemens Gamesa are carrying out a strategic collaboration on recyclable blade resins. Through Swancor ‘s recyclable thermosetting resin technologies, the recyclable resin and the composite materials can be reused, assisting Siemens Gamesa in moving towards their goal of providing fully recyclable wind turbines. Swancor will continue to be devoted to achieving carbon neutrality and new material innovation as our mission, and contributing to net-zero carbon emissions and a circular economy,” says Robert Tsai, Chairman of Swancor.

“Our goal is to provide customers with fully recyclable solutions for the components of wind turbines. Through the cooperation with Swancor, the recyclable blade resin technology allows the blade resin, glass fiber, and carbon fiber to be recycled and reused. We aim at creating a sustainable blade resin life cycle which will become a strong steppingstone to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050,” says Niels Steenberg, General Manager of Siemens Gamesa Offshore for Asia-Pacific.


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